Mar 24

This year for the Asian part of the tour we had one event in Beida Lake, China and two events in Naeba, Japan. First we flew to San Francisco… then into Beijing for the night, then up north to Beida Lake. A very small ski resort in middle of no where China. Definitely my least favourite place on tour. It was tough to adjust to the living conditions and meal plans here. Good thing we came prepared with a coffee press and oatmeal! My competition run went fairly well, however, I did not make the finals this competition. The course was very flat and easy making it difficult to stand out in the crowd sometimes. Oh well! On to the next…

We spent 2 days in Beijing on the way back to see the city. We got to visit the forbidden city and the great wall of china. What a cool experience to see these great landmarks. We also did some bartering in the chinese pearl and silk markets which was pretty hilarious. Next, off to Japan where we flew into Tokyo and took a 5 hour bus ride to Naeba. It was my first time in this really cool little ski town and I loved it. It snowed everyday, the course was soft and the food was amazing. We all had such a fun time exploring the hotel and different restaurants. The Japanese really know how to host a world cup! I finished 12th in both events here. I was happy with my runs, just making a few minor mistakes that kept me out of that top 10 group. Overall a very fun trip to Japan! Following this event we had a 2 week break… really nice to give my body and mind a break before the last few events of the year. Check out 2 of my competition runs below as well as some pictures from the trip!


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