Finland World Cup

Dec 13

The competition season has officially started! Our last week in Finland was definitely harder than the first. The course was getting more challenging, more athletes on the course and everyone’s stress levels were definitely a little higher as we got closer to the event. It was definitely starting to feel like competition season! After training in the cloud/ darkness for a week we finally had a clear sky for one of our training sessions, the sunset was amazing and we saw the moon for the first time!

And finally it was the night before the contest and I had the worst training day of the week… I definitely was feeling a little bit frustrated. Morning of competition I felt much better, I think I got all of my nerves out of my system the day before! My qualification run was a little bit shaky but I made it into my first world cup finals in the 15th place! I got to watch most of the men’s runs from inside the lodge where they were playing it on a huge projector live. Our team skied amazing and we had 11 Canadians in the final which is pretty incredible! My finals run was much better, I picked up my speed by over a second and overall had a much better run so I was stoked! It always feels good when you compete better than you were training, it means you can perform when you need to. And finally I ended up finishing in 15th place again in the finals! A solid start to the season and I am excited to keep building on this through the next two events before Christmas.

When the first event is over everyone can breath again and we are back into the routine! We packed up our many, many bags and headed to the airport to catch our chartered flight to Geneva! Finnair was on strike this month so to ensure we made it to the next world cup with all our gear Canada, USA, Japan and Australia all chipped in to charter a direct flight, pretty awesome! We drove the two hours to Meribel, France and we are now at the next stop on tour. Two training days here and we compete in duals on Wednesday! I will keep you posted! Video coming soon…

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