From the Swiss Alps to the California Coast

Nov 1

Our string of good weather came to an end with only 5 days left in Zermatt. We struggled through high winds, fog and cold temperatures but we managed to put some top to bottom runs together on that course. It felt great to finally be putting all the pieces together after all that hard work this summer. Also we ended up getting one more great hike in before the snow came and found a few newborn lambs! And just a few days before departure, it snowed in the village! Winter is definitely on its way!

After our final training day we packed up our condo and took the train to Zurich. We got in early in the afternoon so we were able to wander around and explore a bit of Zurich! It is a very cool city but we were all pretty tired so an early night for us! The flight back to Canada was pretty smooth other than the massive line-ups in the Chicago airport making us barely make our connection! Kristi, Kiera and myself got into Vancouver late in the evening so we were exhausted. My parents along with my friend Gill and my puppy Farley picked Kristi and I up at the airport in the motorhome and we drove back home to Whistler! It felt so great to be home in my own bed and see my pets and family. I only had a day at home before Andrew and I took off to California!

Andrew had arrived home from Zermatt just the day before me so we were both very jet-lagged and tired heading back to the airport. However, with an easy check-in and a few hours on the plane, we were in LA! We rented a condo in San Clemente for 3 days and it was one block from the ocean. From here we explored the coast and surfed. It is so beautiful down there that we didn’t care the weather wasn’t that great. I even saw a pod of dolphins while surfing at a spot called “trestles”! That was definitely a trip highlight. Three days later we drove south to San Diego. We visited the Zoo, the Mexican Border, and went for runs along the boardwalk. On our final day we went to Disneyland after being sold on it from my friend Kristy who had just been there. We were so sad to leave after only six days but it was the only break we had in our schedules. I am so glad I got to get away on a vacation before my season began! It is so important to utilize break time because I come back to training much more motivated!

So after being home for less than a day I packed up my road bike and lululemon wardrobe and headed to Kelowna for fall fitness camp! I will be here until November 10th getting in shape for the competition season! Following this we have a trampoline camp in Whistler for two weeks. And then, beginning November 28th, I will be going to Finland, France and China for the first world cups of the season! A trip around the world all before Christmas… stay tuned!

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