It’s a long way to China…

Dec 19

After a 2 hour drive to Geneva, a 2 hour flight to Copenhagen, a 7 hour layover + 2 hour delay in Copenhagen, a 9 hour flight to Beijing, a 2 hour flight to Changchun and a finally a 2 hour bus ride to Bieda Lake we have arrived at the World Cup! One of the longest travel days ever I think. Everyone was pretty exhausted so it was nice to have our first day in China as a rest day.

Our hotel is right on the hill so we can ski right to the course. It is a huge hotel, however, not a very clean hotel! The beds are rock hard, there is a strange smell in the hallways… probably due to the acceptance of smoking indoors and old carpets… the internet is very unreliable and they have Facebook and Twitter blocked… I am starting to really miss Canada! The food has been surprisingly good as long as I steer clear of the chicken feet and strange looking meats. The creepiest thing is the 24hour guards that stand by the entrance to the hotel rooms. I have learned how to say hello and thank you in Chinese so far… that along with a lot of hand signaling is how we communicate with the locals! There are not many people who speak English in China.

Our first day of training on the course was today. It is again a very flat course like France, but the snow is soft and it is definitely longer which is a plus! The old school double chair takes about 17 min. to get up to the top so I was glad to have my ski partner Drey to lap with me today! We have 1 more training day before the competition on the 21st and then I am back home to Whistler for Christmas! Details from the competition to come in a few days… Goodbye from China!

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