Meribel, France

Dec 16

Out of the darkness and into the light of sunny Meribel, France! The first training day was -3, blue sky and beautiful! We were all stoked to feel the sun on our faces. The course was definitely a change from Ruka… Short, Icy and Flat! We all took it pretty easy on day 1 to save our bodies from the hard landings. Training went well on day 2, I broke out my brand new moment moglies so I had sharp edges on that course!

The hotel we were staying at was right on the hill, a very cute boutique hotel where all the employees were dressed in costumes! We had some very interesting meals… “lapin” being the most unusual! Competition day came very fast, and we had an early wake up call, training at 815am! My qualification run was just good enough… I finished in 16th! I had a pretty good run, just was a little but loose on my turns in the middle section. Unfortunately qualifying in 16th, I had to dual Hannah Kearney (Olympic Champion) in my first dual. I actually skied my best run of the week in that dual, she forced me to push my speed. I lost the dual, but was happy overall with my skiing. We packed up and left France after 3 days, back on the road! We are flying out of Geneva, layover in Copenhagen, Beijing, Changchun and then a 3 hour bus ride to Beida Lake… this is going to be a long day(s)! More updates to come from China! Thanks to everyone for reading and all the support!

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