Summer Training

Jul 27

I can’t believe it is already the end of July! This spring has flown by and now summer camps are already finished. I started my off season training in Whistler this May with a trampoline/ air basic camp followed by a quick water ramp camp in Quebec in June. I am really trying to focus on my strength and conditioning this year as I know it is going to be a big one. Lots of travel, competitions and stress on my body and I want to be as fit as possible to endure it. I started July off mainly in the gym in Whistler as well as coaching up at Momentum ski camps. This was my second year as one of the coaches of “girls week” at Momentum and one of my favourite weeks on the glacier. We had a huge group of young girls show up and an amazing line up of female coaches making for a great week of skiing. Of course we were all missing our friend Sarah… This week was a such a great way to celebrate her and all that she has done for woman’s skiing.

I joined back up with my team half way through July and had an excellent two days of training before I crashed on a front flip and gave myself a minor concussion. This unfortunately put me out for the rest of camp… A small setback but that’s life! I am now back in the gym training hard and will be heading back out to Quebec for our final water ramp camp in August.

This summer I have also had the opportunity to join the Volkl/ Dalbello/ Marker team! I am very excited about this and have been very happy with my new equipment. Check out my new mogul skis… the Volkl walls. In addition to new skis I now will be skiing with Giro helmets and goggles. I have been loving these new “onset goggles.” Hope everyone is having a good summer!



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