Sweden, Paris, Megeve, & Nationals

Apr 17

The last leg of the season we had 3 World Cups left and Canadian Championships in Quebec. Sweden was one of my favourite places to go last season so I was looking forward to returning. Great food, cool ski village and spring weather… usually. We ended up having all sorts of weather from rock solid ice, to rain, to sun to snow. By the end of the week we were all looking forward to having a few days off in Paris!

Paris was a great break, lots of sightseeing, it is such a cool city. We were staying right beside the arc de triumph, very central. Check out my pics! After the girls vacation in Paris, we flew to our last stop on the World Cup circuit, Megeve. This was my first time here and it was awesome! It was plus 20 and sunny for the training days, we were staying in a luxury hotel and the course was slushy and fun. I finished the World Cup season 13th overall!

After a little celebrating, we flew back to Canada for Nationals. I got to spend 3 days a Drey’s place dogsledding and having a long overdue visit with Jackie B! Unfortunately the weather was much too warm to keep the course in skiable condition and they were only able to hold a one run single mogul event. Short and sweet and I finished with a silver medal sandwiched between Audrey and Alex! Great way to end the season 🙂 Now I am in vacation mode… surfing, relaxing and catching up with friends & family.

Thanks for following this season! I appreciate all the love! Special thanks to Moment Skis, mountaincultures.com, and my family.

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