Winter has arrived

Nov 29

I can’t believe Fall is already over and Winter has arrived! Since my last post I have had a camp in Zermatt, Switzerland, fitness testing in Kelowna and a jump camp in Apex, BC. A busy fall for sure, but luckily I have also had some down time to see friends and family before the really busy season sets in. It is so important for me to find that balance.

We showed up in Zermatt, Switzerland this year to very high winds on the glacier which resulted in us having 4 days off right when we arrived. Good thing Zermatt is a nice place to hike and explore as we waited for the mountain to open. We had a couple more weather days over the span of our 3 weeks there but overall a really good camp. We were able to train on a full competition course in tough conditions, great to get ready for the winter!

After Zermatt, I had 2 weeks off to spend at home in Whistler before heading to Kelowna for fitness testing. It was a first to have the half pipe and slope style teams joining us so that was fun! My leg power and quickness is the best it has ever been this year so I am excited to test that out on the slopes. From Kelowna we went up to Penticton to jump at Apex mountain. I have never seen so much snow at Apex this early in the season! We had a great jump and I spend 5 days getting my tricks back up to speed.

I arrived back to Whistler just as the mountain was opening so I broke out my Moment Night Trains and went to ski some powder! It was dumping in whistler so it was a perfect week for me to be home, we got 63cm one night! I had a refreshing week back at home which is just what I needed before the competition season begins.

I am now on my way to our pre-competition camp in Ruka, Finland which will be followed by the first World Cup of the season on December 10th! I am looking forward to getting back in the gate and seeing the results of a years worth of hard training. After Ruka, we will head to Meribel, France for one more World Cup before Christmas and I will be home on December 21st! Keep checking my twitter for regular updates while I am away!

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